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Amendment C164 - Little Stringybark Creek - ESO2

Current status:

Adopted by Council at its meeting of 27 November 2018. C164 will now be sent to the Minister for Planning to consider approval.

The amendment seeks to make the interim Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 2, a permanent planning control.

The current planning control was introduced in 2013 in support of the Little Stringybark Creek restoration efforts. It is often referred to as Little Stringybark Creek ESO as it applies to the Little Stringybark Creek catchment (Mt Evelyn), and is shown as ESO2 on the Planning Scheme map.

The proposed Amendment was informed by the recent review of the Little Stringybark Creek ESO completed by Melbourne Water. In summary, the review found that the ESO is: 1) working well, 2) generally viewed as reasonable by residents who went through the associated planning permit process, and 3) resulting in encouraging effects for the Creek’s ecological health. The full review report is available to the right of the screen, along with Planning Scheme Amendment documents.


Since 2009, significant work has been undertaken to improve the ecological health of Little Stringybark Creek through water sensitive urban design (WSUD) on both public and private land. This involves installing stormwater control measures such as tanks and raingardens to reduce the stormwater inputs to the creek back to their natural levels.

The Little Stringybark Creek ESO was introduced to ensure the benefits of this work are not undone by (re)development creating further hard surfaces (and thus additional stormwater runoff).

It requires a planning permit to be obtained from Council for the creation of any impervious surfaces of over 10 square metres, and specifies a minimum stormwater treatment performance to be achieved. Melbourne Water issues advice on suitable stormwater treatment options as part of the planning permit process. In practice, meeting the ESO requirements typically involves incorporating a rainwater tanks and/or a raingarden into planned works.

More details on: what is involved in meeting the ESO requirements, stormwater management practices supporting healthy streams, the Little Stringybark restoration program and the contribution of the ESO to stream restoration efforts, are provided in the Melbourne Water flyer available to the right of the screen.

If you have any enquiries about the amendment, please contact Ben Champion on 9294 6141.

Rainwater Gardens and Rainwater Tanks

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You may also like to view the Little Stringybark Creek Project video (Yarra Ranges Life TV) on Youtube or Facebook. It shows how a raingarden is built and how it works, and has interviews of Council staff and University researchers about the project.

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