Yambo Yarns

Yumbo Yarns
Yambo Yarns is a collaborative art project run by Emily Webbers and Andrea Innocent. This interactive artwork will feature on the exterior of the newly refurbished Belgrave Library building as well as online.
Our concept focuses heavily on oral storytelling, inspired by First nations traditions and Family Storytime at your local libraries. 

The artwork features stylized animals and flora created by Emmy Webbers of Wurruck Yambo along with character design by Andrea Innocent, the main character being a koala character we have named 'The Storyteller' who happens to have very large ears (all the better to listen to you with) these characters inspire viewers to make a connection and prompt an interaction with the work in some way.

A series of workshops with local youth have brought forth some wonderful stories that can be found online, these can be accessed via a QR code using your smartphone onsite at the library or here (link to be provided). These stories come in many forms, drawings, comics, written and video and sound recordings.
We hope you enjoy listening to the Yambo Yarns from our local community on your next visit to the library!