Public Art Opportunity for Yarra Ranges Civic Centre

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Yarra Ranges Council is currently in the final stages of developing a new Civic Centre located on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri in Lilydale. Details about the redevelopment can be found on our website here.

Council is seeking to commission a site-specific digital creative work to help bring new life to the function and display of Yarra Ranges Council Honour Boards. Honour boards recognise the community members who have served as Councillors, Shire Presidents and Mayors representing the Shires that made up this area since the Shire of Lilydale was established in 1872.

The successful artist will be required to design and create the digital artwork as described in the Artists Brief. The digital work will be presented on the video screen wall installed in the new Civic Centre Council Chambers prior to Council meetings and other appropriate circumstances. 

Digital Honour Board - Artists Brief:

To submit a proposal please read the Artist Brief below and email Emma Buckley by no later than 11:59pm, 13th June, 2022.


The Yarra Ranges Council Civic Centre redevelopment is due for completion end of May 2022 and includes Council offices, publicly accessible meeting spaces and a community hub.

The Civic Centre is located on Wurundjeri Country and Yarra Ranges Council respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri as the Traditional Custodians.

Since the establishment of Shire of Lilydale in 1872, the Councils that eventually amalgamated to form the Shire of Yarra Ranges have honoured the community members who have served as Councillors, Shire Presidents, and Mayors, in several ways including the inclusion of their names and roles on Honour Boards and plaques.

With the opening of the new Civic Centre Council is seeking a future facing method of honouring the history of the region and the commitment from community members to public life through a digital artwork to be displayed in Council Chambers.



The Artwork

Project Description

Yarra Ranges Council is seeking to commission an artist or creative team to design and create a digital work to function as a digital Honour Board, honouring Yarra Ranges Council history and Council members from past Shires, prior to the amalgamation into the Shire of Yarra Ranges in 1994. This includes Shire of Sherbrooke, Shire of Lilydale, Shire of Healesville and Shire of Upper Yarra. Work to be played and displayed on the screen wall installed in the new Yarra Ranges Council Chambers.

Design Objectives

Proposals of digital media will be considered.

Design Concepts should reflect the following points:

  • The digital artwork will be responding to and replacing the function of the physical Honour Boards in the new Civic Centre
  • One of the main functions of Honour Boards is to recognise, honour and celebrate the community members who have served as Councillors, Shire Presidents and Mayors representing the Shires that made up this area since the Shire of Lilydale was established in 1872 and until the amalgamation of the Shire of Yarra Ranges in 1994.
  • The Digital Artwork will be displayed on screens in the new Civic Centre Council Chambers (see technical specifications below)
  • Seeking concepts that are creative and innovative
  • Priority on the visual aspect of the work, though sound elements can be included to support the visual

Considerations should also be made to the following:

  • How the creative work will resonate with diverse audiences over time.
  • How people of all abilities, gender identities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds will experience the creative works.

Please note: Images of original Honour Boards and plaques included in Additional Material as part of this brief. High Resolution versions can be made available on request. 

Media and Materials

Digital based work that can be presented primarily on Yarra Ranges Council Chambers video wall. Seeking work that is primarily visual. Sound elements can be included to supplement the visual work.

A basic maintenance report will be required at completion of the work(s). The report should include details of technical specifications of the artwork, any programming or display requirements (as applicable)


The artwork to be displayed on video wall in Yarra Ranges Council Chambers.

Technical Specifications: 3x3 video wall with aspect ratio of 16:9, maximum resolution of 4K (4096x2160). Any audio that is associated with the content will be played through the ceiling speakers.


Council Chamber Screens Photo_cropped.jpg  

Image: Video Wall. Series of 9 screens available.

The Project

The final artwork(s) must be completed by 30th August, 2022.

3.1 Budget Schedule

Selected and/or shortlisted applicants will be paid $500 for further concept development.

The final artwork budget is fixed at $6,600 (GST inclusive) and must include all production costs of all creative work(s).

3.2 Project Management

It is expected that the selected artist(s) or creative team will undertake all project management associated with their project. Yarra Ranges Council’s Creative Communities department will provide general assistance to ensure the successful delivery of the project, including but not limited to, site visits, technical specifications etc.

3.3 Contractual agreement

The final selected artist(s) or creative team will enter into a contract for detailed design, production, and installation of the creative works for this project. The contract will outline payment stages and procedures in line with standard practice.

The contracted artist will coordinate with the Cultural Development Officer, and other relevant Council teams as necessary, regarding site access and such other issues as are required for the safe and successful installation of the artwork. The contract will also provide provisions to protect and define intellectual property, moral rights, title, and ownership consistent with industry best practice for public art commissions.

Before any work is performed on Stage 3 of the project, the successful artist(s) or creative team must have relevant Public Liability Insurance coverage and may be subject to other licences and insurance requirements as relevant to form the agreement. 

Selection Process and Criteria

The successful applicant will be selected based on the information contained within their basic proposal responding to this artists brief, expertise in digital art creation, proven artistic ability, and demonstrated experience with previous work. Submissions will be assessed regarding their consideration of the requirements contained in this Artist Brief and the appropriateness for the site and its users.

The following criteria will be used in the selection process to appoint the Artist:


    • Does the proposal demonstrate a creative and practical approach in keeping with and connected to the function of Honour Boards and the spirit of the location in the Council Chambers

    •  Originality and general inventiveness or innovation of the basic concept or approach to designing the artwork

    Evidence of previous relevant creative experience demonstrating:
    • Ability to successfully deliver the proposed design concept or approach
    • Ability to work within a set time frame and within budget
    • Ability to meet technical requirements and identify potential maintenance issues and expenses

• Ability to create work within indicated budget parameters of $6,600 (inclusive of GST)


Please note: In the event that the selection panel is undecided between a small number of submitted proposals, a concept development stage will be undertaken with the shortlisted applicants. Shortlisted applicants will be requested to further develop their concepts and supply further information for consideration of the final selection. If this is required, a concept development fee of $500 will be paid to all shortlisted applicants. This fee will be independent of the final $6,600 artwork budget.


Application Process

Please submit your proposal via email to Emma Buckley no later than 11.59pm, 13th June 2022.

  1. A current CV with relevant experience and contact details
  2. A short, written OR verbal (video) response to the Artist Brief. This should be no more than 400 words (or 2 minutes verbal response if video) and include a description of your basic proposal or concept for the Yarra Ranges Council Digital Honour Board. It may also relate the artist’s or creative team’s experience to their intended approach to the project.
  3. Details of the legal structure under which the artist or creative team is working (e.g., sole trader, company, incorporated association etc.).
  4. Appropriate support material* including up to 10 images and/or 5 minutes (in total) AV documenting recently completed works.
  5. An indication of the artist’s or creative team’s availability within the proposed timeline for the project and information about any existing or potential conflicts of interest.

*Please note: AV material and images should be provided in a standard file formats (JPG, MP4 etc) as file attachments to applications where no single file exceeds 1MB and total size does not exceed 5MB. Alternatively, use links to webpages or WeTransfer or a similar file hosting service.

Short-listed applicants will be advised within 2 weeks of the proposal submission deadline if they have been selected to proceed to the Concept Development phase (Stage 2).

Download the PDF version of Artist Brief with further details and selection criteria here: Honour-Boards-Artwork_Design-Brief-1.pdf(PDF, 243KB)

Confidentiality. All submissions will be treated as strictly confidential between Yarra Ranges Council, the selection panel, and the applicant.

Reserved rights. Yarra Ranges Council reserves the right to cancel this process and/or again call for further submissions should the responses be deemed unsatisfactory or insufficient.



Further Enquiries

Please contact Council’s Cultural Development Officer, Emma Buckley on

9294 6417 / [Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri]


Additional Material

Please see attached document for reference images of Honour Boards and Plaques from Shire of Sherbrooke, Shire of Lilydale, Shire of Upper Yarra, Shire of Healesville, and Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Download document here: Reference-Images-of-Honour-Boards-and-plaques-3.pdf(PDF, 1MB)



Download PDF version of the Artist Brief: Honour-Boards-Artwork_Design-Brief-1.pdf(PDF, 243KB)