My Home, Yarra Ranges eBook

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Enjoy the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum’s interactive eBook featuring animal objects, images and stories from the Museum’s collection, with colouring pages produced by local artists, puzzles and games.

Join Yelli the Helmeted Honeyeater and Bo the Leadbeater’s Possum on an adventure, as they introduce the many animals that call the Yarra Ranges home.

This free eBook will entertain the kids for hours, with fun facts and colourful activities.


To use this eBook you will need a device that can access apps from either Google Play or the Apple Store. We recommend using an iPad or tablet for the best experience of this eBook.

  1. Download the PubReader app from the Google Play or the Apple Store.
  2. Click the link below to download the section of the eBook you'd like.
  3. Open the downloaded file on your device. For some devices, you will need to select ‘open with’ then ‘PubReader’. 

Download Part One

Join Yelli, a helmeted honeyeater and Bo, a Leadbeater’s Possum as they take you on a journey of discovery from the museum’s collection to the animals and places that call Yarra Ranges home.

You’ll search the museum’s collection, have fun colouring in and make your own nature journal. 

Download Part One(XPUB, 16MB) – for tablets and smartphones
Download Part One(EPUB, 13MB) – for MacBooks

Download Part Two

Join Yelli and Bo as they visit the Yarra River and Healesville Sanctuary. Can you guess what animals they might meet?

You’ll learn words for different animals in the Woiwurrung language, design your own zoo, and play Threatened Species Word Scramble challenge.  

Download Part Two(XPUB, 24MB) – for tablets and smartphones
Download Part Two(EPUB, 20MB) – for MacBooks

Download Part Three

In Part 3, Yelli and Bo go searching for minibeasts in Gruyere and hunt for a bird with a unique song in Sherbrooke Forest. You’ll head outdoors for Garden Bingo, watch the story of Edith’s Lyrebird and make a lyrebird that sings!

You can choose which file you would prefer to download for Part Three. The first might take a bit longer to download as it is a larger file that includes video. There is a also smaller file without the video if you prefer.

Download Part Three - with video (155mb)(XPUB, 155MB) – for tablets and smartphones

Download Part Three - no video (19mb)(XPUB, 19MB) – for tablets and smartphones

Download Part Three(EPUB, 153MB) – for MacBooks

Download Part Four

In Part Four, Yelli picks delicious raspberries in Seville and Bo meets a special dog called Debbie from Belgrave South.

You'll go round the twist with our maze challenge. Learn to draw your own comic and take inspiration from Australian landscape artist Tom Roberts.

Download Part Four(XPUB, 24MB) – for tablets and smartphones
Download Part Four(EPUB, 22MB) – for MacBooks

Download Part Five

Yelli learns how the wetlands at Lillydale Lake help to keep our waterways clean and healthy, while Bo meets some curious cats.

Test your memory in the mix and match game, find some hidden cats and make some clean water in a kitchen science experiment!

Download Part Five(XPUB, 70MB) – for tablets and smartphones
Download Part Five(EPUB, 68MB) – for MacBooks

Download Part Six

In Part Six, listen to Yelli and Bo’s comedy corner, play a drawing challenge with a friend or family member and test your knowledge in the fun fact quiz!

Download Part Six(XPUB, 11MB) – for tablets and smartphones

Download Part Six(EPUB, 9MB) – for MacBooks