ERL is bringing the library to you

ERL Comfort Reading.jpg

Great news, libraries are now open!

ERL members can now visit their local library or continue to enjoy the range of free content and resources still provided online.

While home delivery is still available to members, ERL members can also access the following digital formats from the comfort of home:

  • eBooks
  • eMagazines
  • digital newspapers
  • resources
  • movie streaming
  • audiobooks
  • online research and learning
  • VCE English & Literature texts
  • health and wellness
  • children’s educational platforms
  • children’s storytime 

Kids and teens have their own dedicated webpages to check out what’s trending, view featured reading material such as graphic novels and even access VCE English and Literature texts.

In addition to the website, the ERL also stream Live Storytime for kids every weekday at 11am on their Facebook page. Children can read along to exciting stories and sing songs with their favourite librarian.

All this and more is available on the ERL website. Membership to ERL is free and you can register online or by calling 1300 737 277.