Still Life Videos

New Normal – an original composition by musician Edward Willoughby

'During lockdown, my worlds collided, with my creative space and my work-from-home space existing side by side, after some creative rearranging. This video depicts the two worlds neatly overlapping, with my desk tucked in a little nook behind the piano. From here I shared some of my music with my team at Yarra Ranges during Zoom meetings, finding ways to be creative and productive.'


'The cowona viwus is gone!' A video by Elysa Sorahan

'Grandparents and grandkids reunited after a 10 week hiatus.'


Cows at Coranderrk Reserve – a video by Skye Beazley

'Prior to a filming of Brooke and Dave Wandin doing an open to country for an online event of National Reconciliation Week event called Our Country, Our Future. Filmed these cows on the Coranderrk Reserve.'


Jacinta Birchall teaching a dance class about joy, fitness and community – a video by Santha Press

'Nia class is about joy, fitness and community. I have been dancing with these women for many years, so it was extra special to see everyone for the first time and to dance outdoors – very special! We are usually indoors for classes.' – Jacinta Birchall


Walking to Healesville – a video by Mim Kocher

'At the beginning of our isolation due to COVID-19, the gym I attended put out a challenge: “who could walk or run the furthest in the month of April, 2020?” I entered and began my daily walks. My walks became longer and I began to feel fitter. I didn’t win the competition but I didn’t care. I also discovered a new app that made it easy to make this little video. Spot the Healesville landmarks I pass.' – Mim Kocher


Getting creative to make the kids exercise fun – a video by Leah Burgess

'Ella (aged 5) and Ed (aged 3) enjoying their new exercise. No soccer, gymnastics or swimming so have to keep finding ways to make it interesting!' – Leah Burgess


Quiet on Canterbury Road, Montrose – a video by Leah Burgess

'Some days the roads were so quiet. We’d pass more people going for a walk or a bike ride, but the traffic had decreased. It was lovely'. – Leah Burgess


Our families’ tribute with a Dawn Service – a video by Robyn Welten

'Lest we forget. Unable to follow tradition of attending our local Dawn Service, communities united in their driveways, with a candle and a radio, and attended a virtual Dawn Service.' – Robyn Welten


Untitled Song – a video by Tali Holman

'This song is written about those feelings of loneliness and isolation during the lockdown. It’s ultimately a time of restlessness and yet self-reflection.' Tali, singing and playing on the guitar with younger sister Jayda accompanying with vocals.