COVID in July

By Catherine Hill

Covid in July

With restrictions being eased what we are going to find

People flaunting regulations certainly comes to mind

Mass gatherings and protests allowed, no social distancing observed

Marchers displaying placards and banners shouting

slogans it makes good sense that we would feel somewhat unnerved

What do we find a month down the track

Back to square one, in fact one step forward, two steps back

Security guards in hotels have caused a debacle

No proper training, moonlighting in other jobs

How this has been allowed to happen is nothing short of remarkable

In between all this was choosing a bed

Trying out mattresses, wandering the store

Our Japanese salesgirl giving us the tour

When out of the blue, a couple, also Japanese, were alongside

Trying to get her attention, using their language was somewhat snide

The Male adorned in lycra leggings, iridescent flashes up the calves

Suddenly became my companion lying on the mattress, shall we go halves

I jumped off the mattress giving him a glare

He responded with a grin, obviously without a care

Classic example no understanding of rules that apply

Social distancing on a mattress with a stranger will not guarantee a buy.