Velveteen Rabbit

Next date: Saturday, 05 October 2024 | 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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A must-see for families and anyone who has ever cherished a beloved toy! 

Lights! Cameras! Action! The toys are making a film and the audience are the extras. Layered with live video projections, Melbourne theatre company Born in a Taxi, thoughtfully and hilariously reimagines this 100 year old children’s story by Margery Williams.

Please bring your own favourite snuggly toy to the show! This is a show where the toys are in charge on stage and your own special guest toy is a VIP.  

One of those rare stories that dares to tease out complex themes of loss and love in a way that allows children to connect with them, The Velveteen Rabbit is about a toy rabbit who becomes real…but how did it happen?  

In the hands of Born in a Taxi, the story is infused with dynamic audience participation, music, live stream video and projections, creating multiple scales to give the audience the perspective of a child. Playful, visual and poetic. 

A must-see for families and anyone who has ever cherished a beloved toy!



Velveteen Rabbit


Velveteen Rabbit


Velveteen Rabbit


Velveteen Rabbit


Velveteen Rabbit


Velveteen Rabbit


Images: Bryony Jackson


The Velveteen Rabbit is created by Born in a Taxi, commissioned by Monash University Performing Arts Centre and supported by Creative Victoria. 

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About Born in a Taxi

Established in 1989, Born in a Taxi is led by artistic directors Carolyn Hanna and Penny Baron. An independent, artist-run and award-winning physical theatre company whose artists are internationally recognised as masters of improvisation. 

For over 30 years they have produced original, physically driven and participatory works in theatres, site- specific and outdoor contexts, that focus on real-time co-creation. 

Born in a Taxi are in an almost perpetual state of research and discovery, uncovering deeper nuances in the relationship between performer, audience and place. 

Their artform is ensemble movement improvisation and play-based form. All their skills are tools for improvisation - dance, theatre, live art, film, visual art and sound. They select the devices that best tell the story and best connect with the audience. 

Taxi increasingly shares their methodologies through teaching, and since 2014 have begun turning their expertise to social impact projects - big ideas through deep engagement. 

In 2019 Taxi represented 150 works nationally and internationally and celebrated its 30th anniversary




  • Saturday, 05 October 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The Memo, 235 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville, 3777, View Map

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