The Iyer Brothers

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The Iyer Brothers have played the Veena together for over 50 years. They share personal musical stories of their journey – from their formative learning years in India to establish their teaching and musical careers in Melbourne. 

About the concert 

The music for veena will be played in the traditional South Indian Carnatic style, accompanied by the mridangam, a South Indian two-headed drum, and chosen especially from the Iyer Brothers’ own repertoire that has been refined across their 50-year career. 

The veena is one of the most ancient string instruments of India and plays an important role in Hindustani classical music and Carnatic classical music. This performance promises to be a deeply moving and culturally immersive experience, offering a glimpse into the profound beauty of Indian classical music and the remarkable connection between these gifted artists. 


Praise for the Iyer Brothers 

‘What is so interesting about the music is the communication between the brothers, something that seems only possible between twins. They seem to follow each other’s thoughts in a way only dreamed of in other collaborations.’ – Australian Institute of Eastern Music


Artists joining the Iyer Brothers

 A young woman playing the Veena        A man sitting, holding a mridangam drum

            Ms Nisha Iyer                             Mr Nanthesh Sivarajah
            Veena support                                Mridangam support


  • Sunday, 21 April 2024 | 02:00 PM


Montrose Town Centre, 935 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Montrose, 3765, View Map

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