Our Country, Our Future, Our Shared Responsibility

National Reconciliation Week 2021

Aboriginal culture and history is the culture and history of all Australians. It defines our personal and national identity. Aboriginal culture and its 60,000 plus year history cannot be separated out from the story of all Australians; it is part of who we all are, particularly those that seek to be part of the story of this land.

As such, we all need to be custodians of this land that we call home. We need to ignite a shared responsibility, one that captures the principles of Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing. Together we can build our resilience so that we can face challenges such as Climate Change and COVID. We can all embrace the strength of Country to build a future for a united society that recognises the special place, and culture, of Indigenous peoples as the first Australians, values their participation and provides equal life chances for all.

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The Program

  • Introduction
  • Performance by Chenile Chandler
  • Welcome to Country by Brooke Wandin and Smoking Ceremony by Dave Wandin 
  • Performance by Ash Dargan
  • Fiona McAllister, Mayor of Yarra Ranges Council
  • Keynote Speech by Judy Atkinson
  • Keynote Speech by Uncle Richard Frankland
  • Firestick Knowledge by Victor Steffensen
  • Panel Q&A
  • Finale performance by Archie Roach


  • Thursday, 27 May 2021 | 10:00 AM - 01:30 PM