Bush Gothic


Co-presented with Melbourne Recital Centre

Rattled by the bones of convicts and steeped in campfire smoke, Bush Gothic perform darker, stranger Australian folk. 

Winner of ‘Best Band’ at the 2022 Australian Folk Awards, Bush Gothic were created as a feminist reaction to Australian folk music. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Welsh National Eisteddfod chose Bush Gothic’s music to represent Australian folk, but don’t be too relaxed about it. Instead get ready to have your homely and totally archaic notions of Australian folk music exploded.  

Bush Gothic dust off traditional songs about bushrangers, dangerous women and shipwrecks and fashion them into powerful chamber works of rebellious beauty. Constantly experimenting with notions of high and low art they tour their music to the most prestigious arts festivals across the world and were presented with a Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award. The Guardian described fiddle-singer and band leader Jenny M. Thomas as an ‘Edgy rising folk star’ and together with double bassist Dan Witton and drummer Chris Lewis their music has been given 5 STARS by BBC Music Magazine. You may find yourself singing along, or you may end up crying. 


‘The musicians onstage maintain an energy and intensity that is utterly riveting.’ RIP IT UP MAGAZINE  

‘Bush Gothic’s interpretations sear with power and truth’ - Forte Magazine.  

'Enthralling' The Times Of India 

‘Brilliant’ BBC Wales 

‘The darkest and most daring of Australia's bush bands... Something I have been desperate to play.’ - BBC Radio 3, Music Planet 

'Extraordinary, even revolutionary. Unforgettable folk.' The Canberra Times


  • Sunday, 20 August 2023 | 02:00 PM


Montrose Town Centre, 935 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Montrose, 3765, View Map

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