Badger Creek Celebration

Badger Creek Community Celebration 1140x400.jpg
To replace the planned “Village Fair”, a re-imagined community celebration will take place in the small township of Badger Creek. Harking back to its early roots the event will allow residents to commemorate the townships origins while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
What’s in the pipeline?
While exercising  in a family group, you can do a “Treasure Hunt” using clue sheets to look for local artifacts and points of interest, plus take part in map-based walking activities using cryptic riddles and hidden pictures for kids, located around the popular walking routes.
Photos of your activities and others can be uploaded to the Badger Creek Community page to create an historical reference. There will also be photos from days gone by uploaded as an online history exhibition of the area.
There will be online workshops and fun, DIY kits for projects that reference the historical Badger Creek Show. These have been put together by the many creative residents of Badger Creek and can be done using resources that you’ll have at home, as well as the kits. Prizes will be awarded just like in the old “show” days!
*Many of the contributors to these projects are also contributing to the Badger Creek Sustainable Skills Directory, the release of which has been delayed, but you can look forward to seeing it in coming months.
And finally, there will be Bumper stickers for locals to proclaim their love of Badger Creek.