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Entrepreneur, impresario, entertainer, activist. Opera singer Tiriki Onus thought he knew his charismatic grandfather Bill, until an unearthed 70-year old silent film reel suggests he might have been the first ever Aboriginal filmmaker. 

As Tiriki journeys across the continent and chases down myriad leads about his grandfather, a compelling untold story of activism, resistance and politically driven art-making unfolds. A dark tale with all the intrigue of the best detective fiction. During the films making, Bill was shadowed by security agents and on the eve of its release, it vanished. 

When Walt Disney invited him to perform in America, covert government operatives conspired to prevent him from leaving Australia. Allowing Bill into the world stage was considered too dangerous. But nothing could stop his passionate, singular vision of winning equality for his people. 



 Classification:PG (Themes of racial discrimination)
Running time: 81 mins
Year: 2021
Country: AUS
Director: Bill Holderman
Cast: Tiriki Onus



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