Report a missed Rubbish, Recycling or Organics collection

Please ensure that you have checked your collection dates as schedules change on the 2 October.

Follow the steps below to report a missed rubbish, FOGO or recycling collection.

Ensure your bins are at your usual collection point before 6am on your collection day.

Please report a missed bin or a problem with bin collection within three business days of your collection day. Please note that the collection day and public holidays are included in the three days.


Step 1.Leave your bin out

Leave the bin out at the usual collection point.

Step 2.Submit your request

Complete the 'Report a missed collection' form. You'll need to provide your contact details and property address.

Report a missed bin collection

To report a missed hard waste collection, please use our Report a missed hard waste or bundled branches collection form.

Step 3.Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation. Our Customer Experience team will contact you if further information is needed.


Step 1.Leave your bin/waste out at the normal collection point

Make sure the bin is left at the normal collection point.

Step 2.Phone

Call our Customer Experience team on 1300 368 333

In person

Step 1.Leave your bin out for collection

Make sure the bin is left at the normal collection point.

Step 2.Visit a Community Link

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