Ecological assessments on private properties

Council is asking landowners to help map plants and wildlife on private properties throughout the Yarra Ranges, with assessments being run when restrictions ease.

Council’s Biodiversity Investigations Team is looking for landowners to take part in an ecological assessment of properties, which will inform a plan for the region.

 The Yarra Ranges has an incredible range of biodiversity, with many species calling this area home. Our thriving and inter-connected environment includes species of flora and fauna that can only be found here.

Privately-owned land makes up about 30 per cent of the land in Yarra Ranges, and this land plays an important part in the biodiversity of the region.

We're hoping to run ecological assessments, mostly around the kinds of vegetation on private land, with interested landowners, so we know what plants, animals and ecological communities exist on private land.

This information will help us create our next Biodiversity Strategic Plan - a plan that will list our actions to protect and enhance the environment in Yarra Ranges, including what we do on public land and how we work with other levels of Government and the community to improve the land they manage.

Ecological Assessment Surveys will be organised for when Stage 4 Restrictions end and will be run with an appropriate COVIDSafe Plan.

To express interest in taking part, fill out the form below or email

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