Sustainable business

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Council also provide assistance to local businesses and commercial property owners through our Environmental Upgrade Finance program. This is achieved through a partnership with the Sustainable Australia Fund. Financing options are available to help you access environmental upgrades including:

  • Solar panels
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Improved heating and cooling equipment
  • Water conservation and waste water management

Businesses participating in this program

  • 4 Pillars Gin Distillery in Healesville: solar system. This has offset their daytime energy use and has provided some roof shading, keeping their production area a little cooler in summer.
  • Aurrum Aged Care in Healesville: solar system. This is expected to provide 85% of their day time electricity use during summer.  The installation has been such a success that Aurrum are now considering upgrading other aged care facilities using Environmental Upgrade Finance and even expanding their current system in Healesville.
  • Oscars on the Yarra in Warburton: solar system and energy efficient lighting upgrade. This has enabled Oscars to reduce their power bills.
  • Balgownie Estate, Yarra Glen: solar system.
  • Romarro Farm, The Patch: solar and batteries
  • Larkman Nurseries, Lilydale: solar and batteries

Want to know how it works? Check out this brief video explanation!

Interested in a loan to help you with an environmental improvement? Contact Council's Sustainability team by email at or visit the Sustainable Australia Fund website.

Loans can be designed to ensure potential savings are greater than the quarterly loan repayment. The fixed interest loan is tied to the property (i.e. not the business) and paid back via Council’s rates mechanism.

View our video featuring solar installation with 4 Pillars Gin Distillery.