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Healing in our Gardens - Raised garden boxes

Are you interested in creating a raised garden bed for your plants or to grow veggies in your garden? We are partnering with the Montrose Mens Shed and a wonderful local business to bring some free raised garden boxes your way.


The boxes are approx. 1200mm x 800mm x 400mm and come with a detachable base. The boxes are made from heat treated timber with metal hinges. They can be stacked to make them higher and collapse flat for transport or moving. There may also be an option to include a raised base to lift them off the ground, if needed. And we're recycling something which is always a good thing!

This could be a great way to help to you keep your plants and garden going until you are back home again or to put in your garden now. A maximum of 4 raised garden beds are available for each resident / property.

How to request our Free Raised Garden Boxes - email Zac at Z.Zorn@yarraranges.vic.gov.au and include your name, address and contact number and how many Raised Garden boxes you are wanting. We will let you know when they will be available for collection from the Montrose Mens Shed.

Healing in our Gardens - Nest boxes, hollows

We're partnering with eight of the Yarra Ranges Men’s Sheds who are making two types of nest boxes’: specifically for Rosellas or Kreft’s (previously known as Sugar) Glider boxes from timber reclaimed from the June 2021 storm. These boxes are available to storm affected residents many of whom have lost habitat trees on their property.

If you're interested in a nest box for your property complete the form below:

Find out what Council is also doing to support native species and habitat loss.

Providing habitat

A wonderful place to start when considering providing habitat to native animals is planting locally native plants on your property. Native plants will provide an abundance of species with food and shelter, it will also aid in stabilising the landscape if there has been significant disturbance e.g., storm clean-up works. The Yarra Ranges Council has a Local Plant Directory that can assist you in selecting the correct plants. Additionally, there are a few local nurseries with experienced staff to assist you.


Gardens for Harvest

Interested in growing fruit and vegetables at home? Gardens for Harvest provides resources, information and training for people wanting to grow their own vegetables or increase their harvest.

gardens for harvest link


Gardens for Wildlife

This is a free program open to Yarra Ranges residents to help them create a garden that attracts and supports local wildlife.

Gardens for Wildlife link