Cat Curfew

Residents must keep their cats within their property boundary at all times. Residents must not let their cat wander outside at any time within the Yarra Ranges.

You can keep cats:

  • In your front yard
  • In your back yard
  • Inside your property
  • In a suitable cat enclosure

For more information about the cat curfew read our list of FAQ's below.

What happens if my cat is trapped?

Our Safer Communities Officers will make all reasonable attempts to reunite the cat with its owner by checking registration and microchip details. If we are unable to identify the owner we would take the cat to the Animal Aid Pound in Coldstream. 

If we are unable reunite a cat with its owners and it is taken to the pound there will be fees associated with its release. These will vary depending on whether the cat is registered, microchipped or desexed. These costs are set by the pound and not collected by Council. 

Will I be warned before my cat is impounded?

If we cannot identify your cat or get in touch with you, the cat will be taken to the Animal Aid Pound by our Safer Communities Team. 

What do I do if a cat is wandering onto my property and causing a nuisance?

What do I do if a cat is wandering onto my property and causing a nuisance?

If you know the owner of the cat, we would encourage you to speak with them first. If the issue cannot be resolved and you wish to make a formal complaint please contact us on 1300 368 333 or email

Can I use my own cat trap?

Before trapping, we encourage you to talk to the cat’s owner to discuss the issue. If this is not possible, or does not resolve the issue, you may trap a cat that wanders onto your property.

The trap must be an approved, humane trap with a step plate trigger. All other traps, including those with hook actioning mechanisms, must not be used and are prohibited.

Once the cat is trapped, you may return it to the owner, contact our Ranger to collect it or take the cat to the Animal Aid Pound in Coldstream.

Do I still have to pay my cat registration?

Yes, you will still need to pay your cat registration and any related fees.

Pet registration and the associated fees are a State Government requirement. Registration makes it much easier for us to help reunite owners and pets if they get lost or wander away, as well as being an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

If you are having a problem with a local cat we encourage you to speak with its owner first. If problems persist, contact our Safer Communities Team by phone on 1300 368 333 or by email at for assistance.


Want a printable version of this information? Download and print our cat curfew fact sheet.(PDF, 121KB)