Proof of pet registration class


Step 1.Prepare your documents

To change your pet registration class, you will need to provide supporting evidence that indicates what registration class you believe your pet should be. Refer to the table below to see what documents you will need.


Registration Class

Proof Required

Pension Concession

A copy of the animal owner’s Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Gold Card.


A copy of the Desexed Invoice or a Letter from the Vet.

 Fertile (non-desexed) Cat - Vet Exempt  A copy of a letter from your Vet advising it would be detrimental to the cat's health for it to be desexed.

Animal is registered to an applicable organisation and the owner is also a member.

A copy of the animal’s organisation’s registration along with a copy of owner’s membership card.

Farm Working Dog

PIC number; or proof that the property the animal is working at is used for primary production (ie. ATO document)

Your dog must herd, drove, protect, tend or work stock on land used solely or primarily used for primary production.

Trained by an Approved Organisation

Copy of your Dog Obedience Certificate issued by a registered training organisation. Refer to : for further information.

GMA Hound

A copy of the owner and animal details from the Game Management Authority.  Refer to for further information.

Government Authority Working Dog

A copy of a letter on company letterhead signed by your manager


Step 2.Complete the online form

Complete the form