Responsible pet ownership

Owning a pet is an important part of many people's lives, and it carries significant responsibility to ensure your animal is well cared for and has a meaningful life.

Register your pet

When you own a pet, it's important to have them registered with Council. Registration is crucially important for reuniting lost pets with their owners if they run away or get lost.

Without microchipping and registration, it can be very difficult to reconnect animals with their owners. 

Registering can be done in a few steps on our website, and registrations renew every year on 10 April.

Renew, update or cancel pet registration

Keeping your pet healthy

Part of being a responsible owner is ensuring your pet gets regular exercise, play time and mental stimulation - this will help to keep them happy, build a positive relationship with the animal and reduce the likelihood of destructive behaviour (such as chewing and digging).

It's important to provide shelter for your animal from heat, rain and other weather, and to provide access to clean water and food at all times. 

When planning for emergencies, such as bushfires and flooding, consider your animals and pets and ensure they're provided for in your plans.

Pets will require a number of immunisations when they are young to protect them from common illnesses that can impact their health. Most adult animals will require a yearly check-up and booster immunisations at a minimum.

Planning for emergencies is important, but one of the simplest things owners can do to keep their pets healthy is by keeping them inside their properties at all times.

Under the Yarra Ranges local laws, pets must be confined to their owner's properties at all times of the day and night (except when out on a walk, on a lead). This is because animals can be put in serious danger if they roam unsupervised.

Roaming animals are at risk of catching diseases from other animals or getting hurt in car accidents. 

Cats in particular also pose a significant risk for native wildlife - cats are predators and can kill birds and small mammals if left to roam.

Please keep your pets inside your property at all times and ensure they are microchipped and registered so we can help reunite you if they get out.