Cat Traps


How do cat traps work?

Council provides cage traps that are designed to humanely trap cats.

Food is placed behind the floor plate inside the cage. When the cat steps on the plate, the door of the trap closes behind it. A Council ranger is then able to safely collect the trapped cat and impound it.

Due to health and safety risks, only cats contained in approved cat traps will be collected by a ranger.

To arrange for the use of a trap, contact Council’s Community Safety team on 1300 368 333, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Please note there may be waiting list for a cat trap to become available.

Using and returning traps

An officer will contact you and make an appointment to deliver a trap to your property and explain its operation when one becomes available.

There may be a short waiting period for cat traps as there is a high demand for this service.

General hire for these traps is currently 7 days. This may be extended when determined appropriate by a Council officer.

To return the trap, please phone the Community Safety team on or before the return date.  A Community Safety Office will then call to make arrangements for the return of the trap.

The trap is to be returned in the same clean and serviceable condition in which it was delivered.

Caring for a trapped cat

In all cases after you have trapped a cat, please ensure that you cover the trap with an old blanket or towel to settle the cat, and ensure the trap is sheltered from rain or excessive heat.

Any deliberate mistreatment of a trapped cat will be investigated and may lead to prosecution.

Trapping possums

Council provides cages for the purpose of trapping stray and nuisance cats only. Possums are protected in Victoria under the provisions of the Wildlife Act 1975.

If you require further information on trapping possums visit the Wildlife Victoria website.

Collection of trapped cats

Rangers will only collect trapped cats between: 8.30am and 10pm Monday to Friday.

To arrange collection call 1300 368 333

Do not take the cat directly to the council offices as there are no facilities there to keep them.

We request that you do not set the trap on weekends or public holidays as a ranger will not be able to collect it.

Please do not set the trap if you are not going to be at your property for an extended period of time.