Preparing Australian Communities

With funding from the Federal Preparing Australian Communities grant and support from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), we’re undertaking several projects to improve disaster resilience in the Yarra Ranges

Our projects are designed to help communities be better prepared for and recover from natural disasters like bushfires, floods, and storms. The Resilient Yarra Ranges program encompasses seven locally-led projects that improve the resilience of communities against natural hazards. Here’s what we’re doing and how it benefits you:

  • Tree Management and Clean-up: We’re clearing dangerous trees and debris to keep roads safe during emergencies like bushfires and storms.

  • Erosion Management: We’re speeding up plans to protect against landslides and help residents rebuild safely after storms.

  • Resilient Energy Project: We’re adding generators and solar batteries to important community buildings so they stay powered during blackouts.

  • Township Resilience Planning: We’re making action plans for towns to better handle bushfire risks and manage dangerous fuels.

  • Emergency Relief Support: We’re increasing support for vulnerable people during disasters like bushfires or personal hardships

  • Changing Places Facilities: We’re setting up safe toilet and changing facilities for people with high needs during evacuations, so they can stay with their families in recovery centres.

Find out more about each project below: