Report graffiti on council property

If you find graffiti on council property please report it to us and we will ensure it is removed.

Council property includes:

  • buildings
  • signs
  • bus stops
  • parklands
  • roads
  • public toilets
  • playgrounds

Report graffiti on Council property

Graffiti on private or commercial property

Private property owners are responsible for removing graffiti. 

We offer free graffiti clean up trailers and bins to community groups, residents and businesses. The bins are available at our Community Links. Call us on 1300 368 333 to book a free graffiti clean up trailer or bin.

You can report graffiti to your local police station, the details of reported graffiti are stored on a police database.

If the graffiti is offensive it should be removed within 48 hours.

Public property and utilities

Public property and utilities are often targets of graffiti. Refer to the table below for contact details to report graffiti. 



Phone Number

Trains, stations, signal equipment etc

Metro trains

1800 800 007

Post offices, Australia Post mail boxes

Australia Post

13 76 78

Power poles

SP AusNet

1300 360 795

Major roads,signs and traffic signals


13 11 71

Water supply and infrastructure

Yarra Valley Water

1300 304 688

Water supply and infrastructure

South East Water

13 16 94

Parks, river trails and reservoirs

Melbourne Water

13 17 22

Major bus stands

Dept. of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure

9208 3333

Glass bus shelters


9921 9600

Telephone boxes, buildings, pits


13 22 03