Road & Tourism Signs

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We maintain safety, advisory, directional and street signs. If you see a damaged or incorrect sign, please report it online or call us on 1300 368 333.

Signs for businesses

Eligible businesses can apply to have signs placed on roadside reserves. Written consent (a sign permit) is required from the relevant coordinating road authority before placing a sign on a road.

We determine the eligibility of businesses using the VicRoads Signing Guidelines(PDF, 5MB). Please review these guidelines to ensure your business is eligible. Applications for signs on major roads and state arterials must also be referred to the Deparmtent of Transport for final approval. 

Successful applicants will assume full responsibility of their sign.

Applicants bear all costs related to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the sign. 

Apply for a sign

Types of private signs


Tourist attraction signs (white lettering on brown background)

Tourist attraction signs indicate tourist establishments and features of interest which meet the criteria established by VicRoads and Tourism Victoria.

To qualify for a tourist attraction sign, the core business must be tourism based with a strong commitment to servicing visitors. Tourist Attraction signs include: Wineries, Art Galleries and Craft Outlets, Museums and Historical Properties, Accommodation, Primary and Secondary Based Industries.

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Service signs (white lettering on blue background)

Service signs direct motorists to essential facilities and services. Generally, the name of the service is not permitted on the signs if there are multiple services signed at one location.

Service signs include:

  • Caravan and camping areas
  • Visitors information centres
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Service stations

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Community facilities signs (white lettering on blue background)

Community facility signs are used for community facilities such as:

  • Churches
  • Golf courses
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports facilities
  • Parks
  • Police stations
  • Civic centres
  • Shopping centres

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Retail and other signage

For more information about the plans required for building signs please visit our planning pages.


Additions to existing signs and composite signs

Additions to existing signs are encouraged to reduce the number of tourist signs on roads. These are done through the use of composite signs. Agreements need to be made between the signage owners prior to the application and evidence of correspondence be included within the application.

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