Sewerage System & Water Mains

Sewerage System

Sewage is wastewater that comes from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Most sewage goes through Victoria’s sewerage systems for treatment.

Sometimes it’s not practical, or possible, to connect to the existing sewerage system. In that case you can manage sewage using an on-site wastewater management system (OWMS) such as a septic tank, composting toilet or secondary treatment system.

Wastewater from hand basins, sinks, showers, baths, laundries, toilets and swimming pools should be connected into the sewage system.

For all queries regarding sewerage and wastewater contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 27 62 or South East Water on 13 28 12.

You can learn more about Council's Draft Wastewater Management Plan on Shaping Yarra Ranges.

Water mains

A water main is an underground pipe that distributes potable water within a pressurised network. It is a major artery that supplies water to smaller pipes on the way to homes and businesses.  

For issues relating to water supply or burst water mains, please contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 27 62 or South East Water on 13 28 12.

Locating pipes and other services

For information on underground pipes, cables and other public authority assets, call “Dial Before You Dig” on 1100 or visit Council does not keep records of private or domestic drains on a property.