What if I have an Erosion Management Overlay on my property?

Some land in Yarra Ranges is prone to landslip. This land is covered by an erosion management overlay (EMO).
The purpose of the EMO is to protect areas prone to erosion, landslip or other land degradation processes, by minimising land disturbance and inappropriate development.  

If your land is covered by this overlay, it is highly likely that you will need to apply for a planning permit before you construct any new buildings and carry out any works, including removing trees and vegetation.

The possibility of landslip means that parts or large sections of properties may be unsuitable for development.


How do I know what parts of my land are effected by the EMO? 

You can view and download a free planning map that outlines the zones and overlays that apply to your property on the DWELP website. 

Visit Planning Maps Online

What do I need to include with my application?

Check for Erosion Management Overlay exemptions

If your building and/or works are not exempt, you will need a report from a qualified geotechnical engineer, containing;

  • A geotechnical assessment of the proposed development in relation to existing conditions
  • A geotechnical declaration and verification form(PDF, 27KB)
  • A landslip risk assessment of the proposed development in relation to existing conditions, only if the geotechnical assessment or other landform data indicates natural slopes on or immediately adjacent to the lot which;

 - are steeper than 20 percent in Tertiary Basalt areas; or

 - are steeper than 30 percent in all other areas; or

 - exhibit evidence of possible or past land sliding on or immediately adjacent to the site;   

 - or where, in the opinion of the Responsible Authority, the geotechnical assessment is not sufficient to determine that the development can be carried out in a manner which will not adversely increase the landslip risk to life or property effecting the subject lot or adjoining or nearby land.

You may also need other approvals such as a building permit, road opening permit if you need a new driveway or approval for a septic system.