Request a copy of title

When lodging a planning application, you must provide a current (no older than 100 days) copy of title for each parcel of land. You can get a copy of title within minutes from Landata, follow the steps below or instructional video.

Step 1

Go to register at the top right of the page, complete the your details and click register

Step 2

Select Titles & Property certificates (listed under the heading title & property information)

Step 3

Enter the address and confirm property details

Step 4

Select certificates page, you will need to select the first document Register Search statement (Copy of title), this will also automatically tick on Copy of plan as well, we require both documents plus any instrument search documents such as covenants and Section 173 agreements (if any).

Step 5

Select next and follow the payment prompts. The receipt and documents will be sent to you on separate emails.

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Need help? Watch our video guide below.

If you have any difficulties please call Landata on (03) 9102 0402. Alternatively, a conveyancer or solicitor can help you get a copy of title.