Do I need an arborist report?

Do I need to provide an arborist report with my planning permit application?

If your proposed work is within 15 metres of a tree or will result in the removal, destruction and lopping of trees protected under the planning scheme you will be required to submit an arborist report.


How do I know if the proposal will impact on trees?

Even if you are not intending to remove a tree, you may still impact a tree that is close to the proposed works (within 15 metres). The Tree Protection Zone is the area required by the tree to ensure that it remains viable in the long term.

The Tree Protection Zone varies depending on the size of the tree. The radius of the Tree Protection zone is calculated by multiplying the diameter of the trunk 1.4m above the ground by 12. If you are proposing to do works within the Tree Protection Zone, the tree may be impacted and an arborist report is required.


What is required in an arborist report?

An arborist report is a document that is written by a suitably qualified arborist that assesses the trees on site and any neighbouring or roadside trees that may be impacted by the development. Impacts from the development of the house, outbuildings, driveway, septic system and defendable space and any landscaping/earthworks must be considered. 

This arborist report should provide for each tree:

  • A unique ID/Tree number
  • An image of the tree
  • Botanic and common name
  • Tree dimensions (height x width)
  • Diameter at breast height- 1.4m above ground level (DBH)
  • Diameter at base
  • Health
  • Structure
  • Retention value
  • Comments
  • Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) and Structural Root Zone (SRZ)
  • Impact of the proposed works on the tree. The impact assessment should reference and be consistent  with the Australian Standard for Protection of Trees on Development Sites (AS 4970-2009)
  • Provide recommendations to safeguard retained trees during the construction works

The report should also include a map with the accurate location of each tree and its TPZ and SRZ, and the name and qualifications of the assessing arborist.

There is no set fee for engaging an arborist. This is something you will need to negotiate with them during your initial discussions.

To learn more about recommended arborist qualifications and to view a list of professional arborists known to Council, please visit Can I remove trees and vegetation on our website.

You do not need an arborist report to remove grasses