Can I remove trees and vegetation?

A planning permit is often required if you wish to remove or prune trees or other vegetation.

Our planning scheme controls the removal and lopping of trees and native vegetation (e.g. shrubs, tree ferns, native grasses) so it is important you talk to a planner before you remove any vegetation.

Your application will have the best chance of being approved if:

  • You demonstrate there is no other option but to remove the trees/vegetation
  • The overall impact of the vegetation removal on the surrounding landscape and ecology of the area is minimal
  • It is clear that tree/vegetation removal has been minimised, with good quality vegetation and significant, healthy trees being successfully retained
  • You and are willing to work with us on developing a revegetation plan to provide replacement planting that achieves a long term environmental gain. This can be done through our biodiversity offsets program
  • It has been prepared by a professional consultant after talking to one of our planners and the application includes detailed information from an arborist or ecologist


Dead and dangerous trees

If you wish to remove a tree because it is either dead or dangerous, contact us on 1300 368 333.  A dangerous tree must first be inspected by one of our arborists and a fee may apply to this service. An urgent inspection may be required for safety reasons (e.g. you can see the roots are lifting from the ground). The arborist will then decide if the tree can be removed without a planning permit.

A dead tree does not require a planning permit, however if your property is within an erosion management overlay we recommend you keep the stump to help with slope stability. A dead tree does not need an inspection prior to removal but it is important to call us on 1300 368 333 before you proceed.

We also encourage you to look at the remove a tree page page.


Employing an arborist

You may need an arboricultural report if your planning application requires removal of trees. Council recommends that any arborist that you are considering employing have the following:

  • Minimum of Australian Qualification Framework Level lV (Certificate) in Arboriculture
  • Experience in writing arboricultural reports related to site development and statutory planning
  • Public Liability Insurance of $20M
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance of $5M

Please note that Yarra Ranges Council does not recommend any particular arborist and takes no responsibility, nor accepts any liability for activities or reports provided by the arborist engaged by the applicant.

When employing an arborist, please ensure the consultant template is completed. You can download a copy here.