Book a pre-application meeting

Commencing from the 1st of January 2023, lodged requests for pre-application meetings will incur a $266.51 fee.

Council’s Planning Officers can discuss the more complex aspects of your application with you and provide advice in a pre-application meeting.

A pre-application meeting may be useful for advice regarding:

  • new uses of land
  • buildings and works relating to business/commercial developments
  • industrial developments
  • large scale tourist proposals
  • subdivision
  • native vegetation removal
  • licensed premises
  • developments relating to heritage listed properties
  • car parking queries

What do I submit online?

  • A brief written description of existing conditions and the proposal
  • Sketch or concept plans (site and elevation plans)
  • A recent copy of title, including any registered restrictions (optional)
  • Site photographs (optional)
  • Any other relevant documentation which may assist

You can upload the relevant documents in any format except bitmap or gif.

What if I do not have one of the above documents?

The more relevant documentation you provide, the more information and advice the Planning Officer will be able to provide you in the meeting. Submitting the appropriate documents before the meeting will avoid the need for Council to request further information.

When will I be contacted? 

A Planning Officer will contact you within three business days of your pre-application meeting request being received. 

Book a meeting online