Heritage Golf and Country Club and the planning scheme


The Heritage Golf and Country Club, located in Hughes Rd, Chirnside Park, was established in 2000 as a major tourist facility.

It includes 2 golf courses, business convention facilities and residential accommodation developed in accordance with Amendment L145. The second golf course is located on adjoining land in Nillumbik Shire.

The planning scheme requirements for this land are unusual and the majority of development requires approval under the stage one and three development plans. Stage two is in Nillumbik.

The development is also guided by Accommodation Management Provisions. These provisions require all owners and occupiers to be members of the golf and country club and the keeping of pets is prohibited.

Proposed Amendment to Stage 1 and 3 Development Plans

Council has received an application for a six lot subdivision of lot S19. This land forms part of the Stage 1 Development Plan, and therefore requires an amendment to this Plan.

Currently the area of lot S19 on the Development Plan is intended to accommodate a maintenance compound associated with the residential part of the site. In order to allow for the six proposed residential lots, it is proposed to relocate this facility to the western part of the site, where it would be combined with a maintenance compound associated with the golf course.

As part of the application, supporting reports have been prepared for traffic, drainage, flora and fauna and aboriginal heritage.

In addition, there is a minor amendment proposed to the Stage 3 Development Plan, to update the record of allowable development, accounting for the proposed six lots.

All related information is available below, including:

  • a summary of proposed changes with page numbers
  • current and proposed Development Plans for Stages 1 and 3, with masterplans and appendices

The planning framework for the site specifies that an amendment to Development Plans as proposed, is via a planning permit application. Planning Permit YR-2020/20 is now the subject to an application for review at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Details of the planning permit application can be found on Council’s website via track.

For more information contact Strategic Planning on 9294 6165 or mail@yarraranges.vic.gov.au