Apply for a secondary consent

or Apply for Consent to:

  • Build outside the building envelope
  • A Section 173 agreement to alter approved development plans


Step 1.Before you apply

An application for a Secondary consent is normally submitted after the condition 1 plans have been endorsed and minor changes are now required.

Step 2.Prepare your application

You should include the following documents with your application:

  • A new set of plans showing the proposed changes (the number of sheets provided to be the same as the initially endorsed plans). The plans are to be marked with red clouding around all changes and have no endorsed stamp.

Council must now seek the consent of any person (including third parties) before publishing any personal information (other than the land address relevant to the submission) due to the introduction of the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter and ask that you not submit any plans or documents which contain personal information.

Step 3.Review our application guide

Watch our step by step video or view our written instructions to help you through the application process.

Step 4.Complete the online application

Click 'Apply Now' below to login or register as a new user.

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Step 5.Application received

Your application will be reviewed within three business days to make sure it contains all the information required. If it doesn't, we will send you an email advising what must be included with your application.

Step 6.Pay the application fee

You will receive an email with the application fee and how to pay.

Step 7.Application lodged

Once your application fee is paid, the application will be allocated to a planner.