Apply for a VicSmart planning application

Some simple planning permit applications, such as front fences, removal of a tree and the subdivison of existing buildings, are fast tracked under a streamlined process.

Visit the DEWLP website to find out if your proposal can be lodged as a VicSmart application.

Need help? View our checklists for what you'll need to provide with your VicSmart application.



Step 1.Is your application eligible?

Ensure your application meets the VicSmart criteria. If you're unsure please visit the DEWLP website, engage a planning consultant or contact us.

Step 2.Prepare your application

Your application should include:

  • Copy of Title (produced within the last 100 days)

  • Prepare the documents required in the relevant VicSmart checklist to ensure you submit all required information. (Plans must be at the scale of 1:100 or 1:200)

Step 3.Login or Register and apply

Log in or register as a user and complete the online application form. Watch our step by step video or view our written instructions to help you through the process.

Once your application has been received, we will email you with further information about payment and the planner who will be working on your application.

Step 4.Pay the application fee

We will send you an email with online payment instructions or contact you if further information is required.   View the fee schedule.

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