Amendment C208 & YR-2022/512 - 27-33 Old Hereford Road, Mt Evelyn

Exhibition of the combined Planning Scheme Amendment C208 and Planning Permit application YR-2022/512, is now closed. Council will consider the submissions at a date to be advised.

The applicant is  John & Lucia Baulch, the owners of the property at 27-33 Old Hereford Road, Mount Evelyn. 

The amendment proposes to:

Rezone 27-33 Old Hereford Road, Mount Evelyn from the Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) to the Low Density Residential Zone Schedule 2 (LDRZ2).

This rezoning would allow subdivision of the property with a minimum lot size of 0.2 hectares rather than the 0.4 hectares currently required.

The new zone will enable the creation of a 2200m2 site subject to a permit, to facilitate the construction of a dwelling approved by planning permit YR2018/1032. The existing dwelling is to be retained on a site of 2967m2 in area.

The amendment includes a concurrent planning permit application YR-2022/512, under Section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, for the subdivision of 27-33 Old Hereford Road Mount Evelyn into two lots. 

Should you require further information or wish to meet with a planner please contact Hannah Elliott, Strategic Planner on (03) 9294 6985 or