Stormwater Harvesting - Pinks Reserve

  • Project typeWater Resources
  • Project value$580,000
  • Project scheduleIn progress
  • Contractor nameThink Water Melbourne
  • Completion Date30 June 2020

Pinks Reserve in Kilsyth is a major sporting precinct with football/cricket ovals, an indoor stadium, and a regional netball facility. For several years, bore water was used to irrigate the oval grounds, which has found to be too saline for healthy turf growth. More recently, potable water has been used for irrigation, however, due to the sandy substrate of the sports field, Pinks Reserve is a high water user.

The availability of a large impervious catchments from the stadium roof and the sealed car park provided an opportunity to use stormwater as an alternative to the potable supply.

The project involved the construction of a stormwater storage and recycling system and will supply up to 4.6 ML/yr of harvested stormwater, reducing the ongoing potable water demand by more than 60%.



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