Do I need a planning permit?


Step 1.Enter the address

Enter the address and select the correct property from the list.

Step 2.View the zones, overlays and aerial map 

The zones, overlays and an aerial map will be displayed. To proceed, click next

Step 3.Tell us what you would like to do 

Type your proposal and select from the list (e.g. subdivide) and click search. This will display a summary and ask if you are proposing any additional works (e.g. fence). Click save and next to continue.

Step 4.View the outcome

The outcome screen will give you an overview of the information you provided and if permit is, is not, or maybe required. Click next to view the rules that apply.

Step 5.View the rules and print a copy for your records

The rules page will display a summary of the information you provided and links to the relevant clauses in the planning scheme that may influence the outcome.  Please read these carefully and print a copy for your records.

Go to Enquire

*The information provided in Enquire is a summary of the planning controls that may be apply to your property and development. The planning scheme is subject to change and the information is only valid at the time of enquiry. We recommend you get advice from a professional planning consultant when planning your development. Please check the property title for further restrictions and/or covenants that may restrict or prohibit your proposal.




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