Apply for building approvals or property information requests


Step 1.Choose the certificate type/s 

Building approval particulars
Lists the approvals or compliance actions that have occurred or are in progress on a property within the last 10 years.

  • Building services: Approval 51 (1) and (2) - $94.40
  • Building services: Approval 51 (1) : Prev F10 (1) - $47.20

Property information requests 
Determines if a property is in an area that has specific requirements under building regulations before new building can start,

  • Building Services: Property Information 51 (2) $47.20 

Step 2.Complete the application details and pay the fee

Enter the property address and your contact details

Step 3.Processing time

Your certificate will be completed within 10 working days 

Apply for a building related approval certificate