Apply for a common boundary fencing contribution

If your property adjoins a council reserve, you may be eligible for a contribution if the fence needs replacing.



Step 1.Complete the application 

Enter your contact details, quotes and photos of the current fence.

Step 2.Things to note

  • Quotes must detail the cost of a standard paling fence to the height of 1.65m. Only quotes for 1.65m fences will be accepted.
  • If you would like any variance to standard please provide a description in the quote. Cost of variances are the responsibility of the applicant
  • Palings to face public land therefore the framing and rails will face the private property.
  • No double gates are to be replaced or installed.
  • Fences higher than 2 metres require a building permit.
  • On completion of works Council reserve is to be left free of any debris or damage. If not, the co-payment from Council will be revoked to establish re-instatement costs

Apply for common boundary fencing contribution


Step 1.Print and complete the application form

Complete the application form and include your contact details, quotes and pictures of the existing fence

Step 2.Return the application

Send your application to PO Box 105 Lilydale 3140

Print the application form

In Person

Visit a Community Link

You can complete the application form at any of our Community Links.You'll need to provide:

  • Contact and property details
  • Quotes
  • Photos of the existing fence

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