Quality infrastructure and liveable places

sketch of a playground
Quality facilities and infrastructure meets current and future needs. Places are well planned and are hubs of activity that foster wellbeing, creativity and innovation.


Key strategies to achieve our objective include:

Current projects

Find out what we’re doing to support quality infrastructure and liveable places in Yarra Ranges.


Our major initiatives

Asset management

  • With the Strategic Asset Management Plan adopted by Council in 2019, focus is now on implementing the Plan’s actions and ensuring the organisation can meet the Asset Plan requirements under the new Local Government Act and includes initiatives that will improve Council’s ability to invest in and manage infrastructure that prioritises positive community outcomes and benefits.
  • Continued development of Council’s Asset Management System as part of the YRConnect project. Once fully implemented this system will facilitate significant improvements in the management of Council’s asset.

Community hubs and facilities

  • Council continues on its review to better understand opportunities that will provide better experiences in public spaces throughout the municipality.
  • Service mapping involves assessing how well our facilities meet current and emerging community needs, and how these buildings can be re-purposed to maximize their usage and benefits to the community has commenced. The service mapping activity is scheduled to be completed in 2020-21.

Improved transport

  • The Integrated Transport Strategy, titled Connected, was endorsed at the Council meeting on 26 May 2020 following an 18-month period of development with a focus on community engagement. It outlines the most pressing transport challenges faced by our communities and contains 42 actions required to make getting around more convenient, safer and sustainable.
  • The strategy seeks to reduce car use by 20% over the next 20 years by increasing the use of sustainable transport with a focus on changing short trips to walking and cycling and advocating for improved public transport to facilitate change for longer trips. Modelling of the proposed initiatives over the next 10 years identifies a funding requirement of $26.6 million with $12.5 million funding secured within the Capital Works Program. Applications for further funding will be submitted.

Advocacy for improved infrastructure

We have secured State and Federal funding for future facilities and sporting venues including:

  • $3 million from the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund for the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination.
  • $1 million from the State Eastern Metropolitan Partnership for the Yarra Valley Trail.
  • $30k for the for the design of the Melba Highway Underpass in Yarra Glen from Transport Accident Commission.
  • $77k for the Vic Health Innovation Challenge ‘She Can Ride’ to support the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination project through a dedicated female riding program.

Other highlights

  • Works have continued with three roads sealed as part of the the Federal Government-funded 10-year roads program. These included Cavanagh Road, Millgrove; Moore Crescent (south of Cavanagh Rd), Millgrove and McGregor Avenue, Healesville. Sealing works have commenced on Chalet Road (first 300 metres from Olinda Monbulk Road), Olinda; as well as Anderson Road and Grey Gum Court, Tecoma.
  • We continued to work with the Victorian Planning Authority and relevant State agencies on a planning scheme amendment that will facilitate the redevelopment of the Lilydale Quarry to provide accommodation for 3,000 dwellings, commercial uses, community facilities, public open space and a new railway station. The Victorian Planning Authority is leading the planning scheme amendment process as a Fast Track Project to accelerate outcomes in response to the pandemic.
  • External consultants commenced the first stage of the Development Contributions Plan, which involves identifying applicable infrastructure projects to ensure all relevant information is incorporated before a decision is made to progress towards a planning scheme amendment.
  • The affordable housing component of Council’s revised Housing Strategy has been drafted and the State-mandated contributions framework is complete.
  • Delivery of $21.5M of capital work on roads, drainage, footpaths, buildings and sporting and recreation infrastructure.

89% of Council Plan actions are on track