Storm Firewood Collection - September-October 2021

Thank you for everyone's interest in our firewood program. Collection spots have now been fully booked. We will continually assess the amount of firewood and potentially list new pick-up dates, depending on demand and restrictions. Check back on this page for updates. 

A large volume of trees have been cleaned up on roadways and parks across Yarra Ranges council following the June 9 storm event that caused widespread impacts and distress to many of our community.

The main focus for the team on the ground was community safety, opening roads, providing access to power companies and opening parks and trails.

The branch material has generated a significant amount of mulch of which some is available for community collection at the community mulch collection sites, refer to links.

Some of the logs and habitat logs have been kept and will be reused in many council and community projects, as a reflection of the significance of the trees in Yarra Ranges and their value to the community.

As part of the processing, the log wood material that was split or shattered on impact, or that was cut into sections to remove it from roadways, has been cut into firewood for community use.

Council has reached out to community groups to distribute firewood where it’s needed with over 200 cubic meters of wood reaching these groups over the past month.

Unseasoned green firewood will be made available for community collection for Yarra Ranges Residents through a registration program. There is a limited amount of firewood available so a registration process has been developed to safely manage how this is shared amongst the community. 

Councils Parks & Bushland team members will be on site to check your booking and direct you to the collection location, however please read all information below prior to making a booking.

Further dates may be added to the program depending on interest and availability of firewood.


Questions and answers

What will happen on the day?

You need to arrive just prior to your allocated time so we can check your registration and you can commence at your allocated timeslot.

Please follow all directions from our team.

Be COVID-safe: A mask and social-distancing is required. Please do not attend if you are unwell or awaiting a COVID test result. 

How much firewood can I take?

A maximum of ¾ cubic metre is allocated per registered household (i.e. a 6x4 standard trailer load), as directed by team at your booking. 

Are there guidelines relating to collecting firewood?

  • You may use a trailer, ute, small tuck or van for collection. Large trucks will not be permitted entry.
  • Community members may only make one registration in total. Please be mindful of others and do not make multiple bookings.
  • Community members must load vehicles/trailers themselves. Staff are unable to load wood for you.
  • You must ensure the safety of yourself and those around you when loading firewood. Correct Personal Protective Equipment (boots and gloves) should be worn.
  • Loads must be secured before exiting the site. Please bring a tarp and fastenings (e.g. rope) to secure the load. As this is a safety requirement you will be unable to proceed if you do not have these items with you.


Can I collect firewood for someone else?

You can collect firewood for someone else if they are unable to collect it themselves and they nominate you to do so on their behalf. If you have been nominated to collect firewood on someone else’s behalf, you must receive their consent in writing. As the nominee, you must carry this consent with you while you collect that firewood.

Can I add my own green waste or fallen tree material to the designated collection sites?

No. Only pre-cut firewood is being redirected to the firewood collection areas.

The collection areas will not be set up to receive additional material. 

If you have excess green waste, please use a green bin or take excess material to a waste transfer station when restrictions allow. Never burn green waste or wet wood.

How do I cancel my booking?

Contact our team to cancel your booking:

How do I prepare this wood for burning?

This is green, unseasoned firewood which requires drying prior to being used for burning. It cannot be burnt this season.

To help it dry properly, it should be placed in a covered, airy location. The warm, dry air from the upcoming summer months will assist in the drying process, helping ensure it is ready for use next winter.

In some cases it may take 12-18 months to dry out. Splitting on the side of the wood is a good indication it is drying effectively.


Firewood and mulch processing

Want to learn more about how the collected tree and branch material is being processed? Check out our video explaining what we're doing to process these materials in Yarra Ranges.