Water play for warmer months

Published on 12 September 2023

A photo of children and a parent at the Lillyale Lake water play park.

Community members and visitors are encouraged to explore and play in Council’s water play parks in Lilydale, Seville and Warburton, when the season begins in mid-September. 

From Friday, 15 September, water jets will be active at Seville Water Play Park at the recreation reserve, Lillydale Lake splash pad and Warburton Water World. 

Yarra Ranges Mayor, Jim Child, said the parks provided a fun space to meet with friends in the warm weather. 

“In the spring and summer months, there are few better places to be than with your friends and family at a water play park, a pool, or a leafy, shady park,” he said. 

“Our water play parks are extremely well-visited – and for good reason. The jets, the equipment and the scenic surrounds make for a wonderful day out. 

“Spring is the time when a lot of our community come out, on weekends and school holidays, to experience the outdoors and explore their neighbourhood. Water play parks are a fantastic way to pass the time with kids of all ages. 

“I’d encourage everyone in our community, particularly our families, to plan a picnic or grab some food from their favourite local restaurant or café, and head down for a day of water play and fun in the sun.”  

Water play park jets turn on between 8am-10am, depending on location and are turned off at 8pm. 

On days where weather is forecast to be 35 degrees of higher, the water jets at our play parks will stay on for an extra hour – usually finishing at 9pm. 

When visiting water play parks and splash pads, sun smart behaviour is a must, even in cooler weather – make sure to apply sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses and clothing to reduce skin exposure, and take breaks in the shade. Bring water and snacks for everyone with you, and watch out for sun burn or exhaustion. 

Cr Child encouraged community members to have a back-up plan when visiting water play parks on warm days, weekends and public holidays. 

“Our water play parks are very well loved, but this also means that we get a tremendous amount of tourists and locals flocking when the temperature rises,” he said. 

“When we pack our bags to head to a water play park, many people will be doing the same. Consider back up plans – including driving out to another park nearby, another outdoor playground, or one of our outdoor pools when they open closer to summer. 

“And of course, please make sure children are always supervised around water.” 

Water play parks will be active until the season ends on 28 April, 2024. 

For more information on your local water play park, visit yarraranges.vic.gov.au/waterplay 

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