Update on Locavore mural

Published on 04 October 2019


Council staff recently met with the proprietors of Locavore Café to discuss the planning matters surrounding the mural on their building.

Council supports creativity within our Community and we had a positive conversation, providing advice and clarity regarding the mural and business signage on the building.

We’ve recently received advice that because of the painted coat on the wall before the mural was created, a re-painted surface can be considered in a planning application.

However, the mural currently features the name of the business in large letters, which would require a planning permit.

We advised the café owners that the size and prominence of the business name on the mural is inappropriate from a Planning perspective and does not meet the requirements of the Planning Scheme under Clause 52.05.

The mural, if altered to remove the business signage aspect, would meet the requirements of the Planning Scheme.

We look forward to working with the café owners on a new application that will seek to retain the mural with some adaptions to bring it in line with Planning Scheme requirements, such as removing the business name.

We will take no further compliance action while this application is being assessed.