Temporary parking changes at Warburton Water World

Published on 19 October 2021

warby water world.jpg

With the easing of restrictions announced, splash parks across the Yarra Ranges including Warburton Water World will open to the public from Friday 22 October.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, the new parking area adjacent to the park is not complete. As a result, temporary parking modifications for Warburton Water World have been implemented.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Parking at Warburton Water World

If you would like to visit Warburton Water World, please be advised of the following temporary parking options while construction continues on the new parking area.

Warburton Recreation Reserve Parking

Visitors are advised to park at Warburton Recreation Reserve and walk the remaining distance from the reserve to Warburton Water World. The distance of this walk is approximately 1km. 


Warburton Holiday Park Drop-Off

A drop off point at the entrance of Warburton Holiday Park will be available for visitors of Warburton Water World to use.

Visitors using this drop-off will be able to park for a maximum of two minutes at the drop-off point. The driver must not leave the vehicle.

Please visit safely

When visiting Warburton Water World, please be safe when parking, crossing any roads and using the park equipment.

Wash hands regularly, be sun-smart and ensure children are appropriately supervised - especially around water.

Due to the recent easing of restrictions we are expecting very high amounts of visitors to Warburton Water World, especially on weekends. Please be mindful of social distancing while at the park.

If you notice the park is overcrowded, consider an alternate destination. Other nearby attractions include the East Warburton Redwood Forest, the Yarra River behind Warburton's main street, the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail and the Little Peninsula Tunnel.

We also have water play parks in Seville and at Lillydale Lake. Find out more about Council's water play parks.