Speed signs to improve safety

Published on 28 May 2024

A speed radar sign on the side of the road in Mount Evelyn.

Council is pleased to announced that we have received $30,000 from the Victorian Government for safety upgrades on roads.

This funding will be used for four radar speed display signs, which have been installed at Birmingham Primary School in Mount Evelyn and Wandin Yallock Primary School in Wandin North.

These signs will display speeds as cars travel by, reminding drivers to follow the signposted speed limits and raising awareness of the school zone.

They will help improve safety for children and pedestrians alike near the schools. The signs are easily re-locatable and can be moved to other school zones to remind drivers to be aware of their speed.

Council is submitting an application in this year’s round of funding for other upgrades near schools, and is looking forward to working on future road safety projects with the State Government.