Solar delivering savings for community members

Published on 21 September 2022

Two people stand outside of a house with a solar panel on top.

When Beth and Ian signed up to Solar Savers, they were worried about who to trust to buy and install solar panels from.

The Millgrove couple said there was uncertainty about where to go – and how to avoid scammers with enticing offers.

“Like most people, you can get a bit worried or a bit concerned that it’s not as good as it sounds,” Beth said.

“We were encouraged that it was backed up with the Council – that was the green light for us. We looked at the numbers and thought it was a really good program.”

Since signing up, Beth and Ian said they’ve saved money on bills, and their meter usage drops significantly during sunny days, removing the worry about using appliances.

Yarra Ranges Council – along with 10 other Councils – have partnered with Solar Savers to deliver affordable, quality and trusted solar systems onto houses since 2019.

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When applying through Solar Savers, we check that solar is right for your household, before arranging a trusted installer to prepare a quote. If you approve, a 10% deposit is paid and the installer then guides you through the process until after installation, and we check to make sure it’s working for you. 

Solar Savers will also help in applying for State Government funding assistance, and pensioners may be eligible for a low-interest bank loan for installation, through Bank Australia.

Ian and Beth were among the first to sign up for the program, when it was only open to a few people in Yarra Ranges.

“We were interested in Solar because we obviously wanted to save money on power bills, and also we were very interested in saving the environment for future generations so this seemed the most practical way of going about it,” Ian said.

“It seemed a really good deal at the time – we saw the offer advertised, and it seemed well monitored, well-installed. It went really smoothly and we were impressed – it was diligent.

“It’s been terrific. We have a power app installed, so you can check – when the sun comes out, the energy meter usage just disappears.

“It’s had quite a big impact on our bills. I’m sure we’ve saved a heap of money.”

“This is more relatable now than it was five years ago, with the problems with the energy restrictions occurring across the world,” Beth added.

“I think people are more aware of the cost benefits of solar.”

Yarra Ranges Mayor, Jim Child, said that Council had received positive feedback from community members over the years they’ve been partnered with Solar Savers.

“I think one of the best measures success for any program or project in the community is simply, are people happy with this?,” Cr Child said.

“I’m proud to say that we’ve received extremely positive feedback from people who have taken part in Solar Savers. 

“With more people working from home, and solar technology becoming more accessible, we’re seeing more people able to dramatically reduce their electricity bills.

“At Council, we’ve installed more than 4000 panels on 60 community facilities, and the results are speaking for themselves, with significant savings and a dramatic reduction in our emissions.

“I’d encourage anyone interested in solar to get in touch with Solar Savers, to see if it could work for them.”

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