PAC funding fast-tracks roadside tree assessments and pruning.

Published on 04 July 2024

Proactive Tree Management work.jpg

Yarra Ranges Council roadside assessments have identified over 3,000 trees needing pruning or removal with immediate work underway to address 200 hazardous trees and reduce bushfire risk.

As part of the Preparing Australian Communities funding from the Federal Government, Yarra Ranges Council has launched proactive tree management and clean-up works, aimed at clearing or removing potentially unsafe trees and removing debris while also reducing fuel loads in the region.

So far, roadside assessments are fifty percent complete in the southern area of the Yarra Ranges with over 1,400 trees inspected in and around Belgrave South, Belgrave, Selby, Narre Warren East, Sassafras, Kalorama, Olinda, Ferny Creek, and Upwey.

Council is conducting a detailed street-by-street review to assess the risk posed by trees and undergrowth weeds.

Yarra Ranges Council Mayor, Sophie Todorov highlighted that this funding has expedited council tree inspections, helping mitigate the risk of falling trees and branches that could obstruct key access roads.

"The safety of our community is a top priority,” Cr Todorov said.

“The inspections and subsequent works funded by the PAC program have allowed us to address potential hazards swiftly.”

“This proactive approach ensures our roads remain safer and more accessible, particularly in the storm-affected areas. Additionally, it has also allowed us to increase the removal of weeds, stumps and fallen trees from key roads, ensuring better access for slashing to lower the fire risk of roadside vegetation,” Cr Todorov said.

Trees on public land that are near important roads and power lines are being targeted including weed species trees, such as Pittosporum, Acacia Elata and Radiata Pine.

Trees within parks and reserves that pose a risk will also be assessed and made safe.

The Proactive Tree Management program is part of the $10 million Preparing Australian Communities (PAC) Grant Council received in 2023 from the Federal Government. The PAC program aims to enable communities to better mitigate, avoid, withstand, and recover from the increasing effects of natural hazards due to climate change through activities that build resilience.

For more information about what council is doing to improve resilience in the Yarra Ranges visit: