Cricket nets and BMX track upgrades among Capital Grants recipients

Published on 15 November 2023

Lildale BMX Club received a grant for surface renewal.jpg

More than $170,000 in grants was awarded by Yarra Ranges Council to local community and sports groups as part of the 2024-2025 Capital Development Grants program.

The installation of new cricket nets at Yarra Glen and the resurfacing of Lilydale BMX track are just some of the important infrastructure projects funded in this year's program.

The Capital Development Grants help local communities to carry out projects that will improve and benefit not only sport and recreation clubs in the Yarra Ranges, but the wider community through improvements to buildings, outdoor spaces and outdoor facilities.

Funding is provided as a one-off grant with the goal of benefiting sporting and recreation groups as well as the general community.

Yarra Ranges Council Mayor, Sophie Todorov highlighted the significance of the grants program by referencing a past success—the restoration of the Healesville Bowls Club's historic 80-year-old clubhouse.

“These grants are about investing in our local sporting groups and making a real difference in people's lives. It's not just about sports—it's about building a stronger, happier community," Cr Todorov said.

“The power of the Capital Grants Program is evident in the success of the Healesville Bowls Club, where past Capital Grants funding breathed new life into its historic clubhouse, preserving its legacy for future generations, so I’m really looking look forward to this year’s recipients and seeing their projects come to life.”

In the latest round of grant funding, 16 recipients were selected, including the Lilydale BMX Club, which was granted $10,000 for the renewal of their BMX track.

Lilydale BMX Club President, Belinda O'Grady said the renewal of the track surface will mean faster laps, bigger jumps, and increased safety for our members and the large number of general public who use the track recreationally.

“We’re really pleased to receive this funding as the track renewal is well overdue,” she said.

“We’ve had some bad flooding events over the last year, and because of that the top layer of the track gets washed away, making it almost impossible for our riders to use.”

“These grants mean a lot to us, because they acknowledge the hard work our members pour into this club to ensure our kids can enjoy the sport, but these grants are the missing piece of the puzzle, helping us bridge the financial gap to get these projects done. “

To see the full list of recipients visit: Capital Development Grant recipients.


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