Message from the Mayor - COVID-19

Published on 20 March 2020

Cr Richard Higgins

We understand that there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it means for day-to-day life and accessing services.

At Council, we recently made the call to postpone or cancel every Council-run public event or gathering of people for four weeks, from Friday 13 March.

We’ll make a call on future events when we know more about the long-term situation.

Our libraries, cultural venues and aquatic and recreation facilities are being closed from Thursday 19 March to 14 April, and our Monbulk and Healesville community links are being temporarily closed for the time being, too.

These decisions are in line with State and Federal Government advice about minimising the spread of the virus, by reducing social contact with others.

The ongoing health and wellbeing of our community is critically important, and while we understand the impact of closing public venues, we know that closing public venues will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

However, we’re still going to be here, providing our vital services to the community through the coming months.

At this stage, our critical services will continue – though some have been scaled back and others may only be provided to those most in need.

Rest assured, our waste collections and meals on wheels deliveries will continue, and we’ll still be on the other end of the phone if you call us on 1300 368 333.

We’ll keep you updated if there are any changes to our services and continue to share messaging from our State and Federal Governments with advice for the community.

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Until then, keep practicing good hygiene, practice social distancing where you can and please keep vulnerable people in the community at the front of your mind.

If you know someone who might be having a hard time, get in touch. That way we’ll get through this together.

Visit our website at for more information about Council services.

Visit for the latest information from the State Government.