Meet the 2021 Youth Ambassadors and Youth Advisory Group

Published on 27 July 2021


Facilitated by the Youth Development Team, the Youth Ambassadors and Youth Advisory Group programs provide avenues for young people to have a say in decision-making processes and will help to embed a youth voice in programs, policies and strategies across the Yarra Ranges.

Their aim is to:

  1. Increase meaningful youth presence in usually adult-dominated decision-making spaces
  2. Support a youth-led resource for the local community
  3. Provide opportunities for professional and personal development training to all members

About our Youth Ambassadors 

Youth Ambassadors have a consultative role. Five young people, employed as consultants with the Youth Development Team on a two-year contract. They work on a casual basis and work closely with Council staff, contributing to partnership work and long-term projects.

About our Youth Advisory Group 

The Youth Advisory Group have an advisory role. A group of fifteen young people who aim to represent young voices of our diverse communities. Meeting fortnightly this group will be engaged by Council staff to influence short term projects and initiatives. The Youth Advisory Group focuses on bringing young voices into decision-making spaces, providing community connections with young people and offering ideas and suggestions for youth consultations.

View more opportunities on our Youth Opportunities page.

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