Lilydale Structure Plan finalised

Published on 06 September 2022

A bench seat in Lilydale with a mural in the background.

A plan, outlining what Lilydale will look like over coming decades, has been adopted by Council following feedback from the community.

On Tuesday, 9 August, Councillors formally adopted the Lilydale Structure Plan.

The plan outlines four directions for the town’s future, under which Council will run projects to change the look and feel of Lilydale over time:

  • New centres for the community (which includes community facilities and key destinations)
  • Supporting a growing township (including housing, built-form and employment land)
  • Improving traffic and transport infrastructure (including the Lilydale Bypass and the road network; walking and cycling; public transport and car parking)
  • Creating inviting streets and spaces (including streetscape, open spaces, environment and sustainability)

Major projects in the plan include advocating to the State Government to deliver a bypass for Lilydale, which would reduce congestion in town and be accompanied by works to make a more pedestrian-friendly main street.

Melba Ward Councillor, Sophie Todorov, said the plan would guide Council’s decisions on building design, paths, open space, development and advocacy for years to come.

“When 2050 comes around, this plan will be a direct influence on how Lilydale shaped, grew and changed over time,” she said.

“There is an incredible amount of change coming to the town in coming years, and this plan outlines how we’ll rise to meet it and what our priorities are for Lilydale’s planning, building and community.”

Billanook Ward Councillor, Tim Heenan, said the plan was influenced by extensive conversations with community.

“This structure plan has been well thought-out and well-received by the community – with more than 200 submissions on the draft from community members, consultants and developers,” he said.

“The draft itself was also informed by comments from community members over recent years, where we released issues and topics for discussion.

“There will be plenty more chances to get involved as we implement the various parts of the plan, but I’d like to thank our community for reading and responding to the draft plan.”

Other objectives in the plan include exploring opportunities for social housing on Council and State Government-owned land parcels, facilitate greater diversity in developments (such as shop-top housing and apartments) and encouraging high density, mixed-use development around the new train station to promote living and working in the heart of town.

The plan also outlines how the redevelopment of the former Lilydale Quarry, and other developments, will be integrated in with the town.

Read the Lilydale Structure Plan